EPIC MEMBERSHIP – Education Grants for Children Ages 0-19

$99.00 $9.00

Educational Partnerships to Impact Children, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation providing financial resources for kids and their caretakers.



Membership expires on June 30, 2040, or upon the child’s 19th birthday.

  • We will conduct regular grant writing and fundraising in order to generate funding for:
    • school supplies
    • general educational expenses
    • extra-curricular expenses
    • essential outerwear and shoes
  • All members will receive quarterly electronic newsletters outlining our progress as well as annual reports of funds collected and distributed (beginning December 2021).
  • We do not provide refunds or exchanges for this membership because our membership fee is tax-deductible. However, we do allow for the membership to be transferred to any qualified person.

We write grants, pursue sponsorships, and conduct ongoing fundraising activities for the benefit of all children from ages 0 to 19.

Quarterly Fundraising and Grant Submissions Through 2040 OR Until Child Turns 19