EPIC eSports Club and Incubator Membership


Educational Partnerships to Impact Children, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt not-for-profit corporation providing financial resources for kids and their caretakers.



We provide this service because an increasing number of colleges are admitting students based on their eSports abilities and we want to make sure that all students are prepared and competitive! However, one is not required to be a college-seeking student to become a member.

EPIC eSports Club Membership expires on June 30, 2026

  • Sponsorships in 12 months for those who follow our curriculum.
  • Quarterly grant writing in order to generate funding for:
    • free/reduced games
    • free/reduced consoles
    • free/reduced gear and accessories
  • We will not be organizing games at this time. Our sole purpose is to facilitate the acquisition of the tools and accessories necessary for our members to be successful in eSports.
  • All members will receive quarterly electronic newsletters outlining our progress as well as annual reports of funds collected and distributed (beginning Q1 2022).
  • We do not provide refunds or exchanges for this membership because our membership fee is tax-deductible. However, we do allow for the membership to be transferred to any qualified person.