EPIC 360 Photos and 3D Videos – Starter


We perform this work both to directly raise money for public school educators and students as well as to indirectly contribute to public school funding by increasing home sales prices and fast-tracking the time to close in order to generate higher tax revenue more quickly for the state.



Membership expires on June 30, 2021.

  • We will provide 360-degree (virtual reality) photos and video of an uncapped number of residential properties for $200 each.
  • We will post all photos and videos on our YouTube channel.
  • The holder of this membership will be listed as the sponsor of the real estate ads on the YouTube channel.
  • In addition to the mention of sponsorship, your business contact information will be linked in the video description.
  • We will also search engine optimize the ads to be searchable and easily discoverable via Google.
  • We will deliver on your sponsored ads in a timely but responsible manner.