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Membership Level change

You have selected the ONE OR MORE GRANT PROPOSALS with awards TOTALING $50,000.00 membership level.

What Pierce Consulting, LLC clients can expect:
  1. No government grants.
  2. Within two (2) business days of the initial payment, the client will receive a request to schedule a full consultation, at which time we will gather the necessary information to complete the client’s file. The ideal client is grant ready, with a profile that includes tax exemption, a written budget, and a program to be funded or an openness to the creation of a new program to fit funding opportunities. 
  3. Pierce Consulting, LLC does not offer any guarantees, refunds, exchanges, or transferences of service for this package. 
  4. Clients are responsible for providing all necessary information regarding the grant opportunity and their 501(c)(3) nonprofit business in a timeframe that we (Pierce Consulting, LLC) deem to be reasonable.
  5. At no point does Pierce Consulting, LLC take a commission from clients’ grant awards, nor are there additional fees charged along the way. PIERCE CONSULTING, LLC DOES NOT HANDLE, PROCESS, DISBURSE PAYMENTS FOR CLIENTS. Grantmakers alone control application deadlines, notification dates, and award disbursements.

The price for membership is $3,500.00 now.

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Terms of Service

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois.

  1. This agreement is between the company represented by the party completing checkout for services, henceforth referred to as "Client," and Pierce Consulting, LLC. 

  2. The Client will provide access to all necessary data.

  3. Pierce Consulting, LLC will not share any confidential information about the Client, even after the engagement has ended, with any third party, except when necessary to perform the tasks in this agreement and approved in advance by the Client. Confidential information includes financial records, personnel information, client data, processes, procedures, and the like.

  4. The person executing this contract is implying to have the proper consent to enter into a contract with Pierce Consulting, LLC on behalf of the person for whom service will be rendered.

  5. Pierce Consulting, LLC does not offer refunds, exchanges, or transferences of service. 

  6. If the Client wishes to amend this agreement, it must be done in writing and signed by both parties as an addendum to these terms of service.

  7. The Client agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Pierce Consulting, LLC, its officers, agents, and employees, from and against any and all actions, suits, damages, liability, or other proceedings that may arise as the result of performing services hereunder. 

  8. Pierce Consulting, LLC relationship to the Client in the performance of this agreement is that of an independent contractor and not as an agent, employee, or representative of the Client. As an independent contractor, not an employee of the Client, no representative from Pierce Consulting, LLC shall receive employee benefits. Pierce Consulting, LLC will maintain its own office space, and will not be provided a permanent workspace at the Client's office. Pierce Consulting, LLC is not expected to work exclusively on business for the Client and may maintain relationships with other clients. Pierce Consulting, LLC shall provide all tools, materials, and equipment necessary to conduct business with and for the Client.

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