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We believe that the most important element of a successful relationship between a nonprofit and its development professional(s) is confidence. Confidence in your grant writer’s abilities, confidence in the benefits of working with your grant writer, and confidence in the two-way communication between both parties. 

Let’s address the ABCs of a partnership with Pierce Consulting, LLC: 

Abilities: The first step in an engagement with Pierce Consulting, LLC is an intake interview in which we seek to fully understand your organization; this takes place within days of your registration. The next steps of the process are a market analysis, reviewing your organizational structure and procedures, reviewing the biographies of the executive director & program director, reviewing your organization summary and overview; reviewing your program summary and overview, reviewing your program assessment instrument, reviewing your organization and program budgets, and reviewing your program’s executive summary. In the absence of these documents, we create needed materials in compliance with your vision for your organization. Beginning in week one, you will be able to see how capable we are at handling one of your greatest needs.

Benefits: In the United States, only about 10% of grant applications are awarded grant funding. Despite this, Pierce Consulting, LLC offers its partners a 100% Cash-Back No-Fee Guarantee. How is this a viable business model for us?  It is our practice to submit proposals for awards with lower payouts, which are typically less competitive. The lessened competition and our skilled workmanship give us a greater than average success rate of grant awards. This model also builds the grants portfolio of an organization with no funding history, and it also gives us a chance to get quick funding and quick feedback for the proposals we send. Additionally, when you hire us, you get a team of grant writers. So in a given month, it is possible for us to fire off 7-10 grant proposals. This is unlikely when you hire a single grant writer. Furthermore, we do not charge an hourly, daily, or per proposal fee. Although we do require a retainer, you pay us for an outcome, not for an attempt. This means that you don’t have to care how many hours we are working in a day or a week and that you can instead focus on knowing that we are incentivized to win money for you, not to clock hours and demonstrate a certain number of deliverables. 

Communication: Although you have an entire team working on your behalf, you will have a primary point of contact with whom you will speak whenever you have a question regarding your account. Beyond that, you will receive a monthly report as to what we plan to do, what we have done, and where we stand with any outstanding matters. We provide each of our clients with access to the calendar of their partnership liaison with the ability to get answers to pressing questions in short fashion. We document all of our communications for funding on your behalf so that we always have up to the minute information regarding your account.

Our story

Pierce Consulting, LLC and its constituents benefit mutually through the maintenance of long-term relationships. Our aim is to create win-win-win relationships with (for- and non-profit) businesses, schools, the children they serve. We are best described as a for-profit company with the heart of a non-profit company.

Our social science expertise coupled with our experience means that we are able to benefit our Partners by identifying the specific profile of businesses and consumers that would be best for their enterprise and micro-target those entities.

Our Partners are getting expertise and guarantees that are uncommon amongst most business with similar offerings. 

Our founder, a former high school and college educator, Dr. Kenneth Pierce, created this business model using his expertise in resource mobilization and vast knowledge of the tools and structures conducive to goal attainment. Elements of Dr. Pierce’s expertise are evident in the style, structure, and strength of our engagements.

Dr. Pierce began this work passively in 2002. He later formalized and organized what would become Pierce Consulting, LLC in 2015. In 2017, we restructured as a limited liability company and expanded both our staff and our reach and have served clients across the US as well as certain regions of Canada and Europe.

Dr. Pierce earned degrees in business, political science, and sociology from Olive-Harvey College, DePaul University, and The State University of New York at Stony Brook (Stony Brook University) respectively.

Pierce Consulting, LLC BBB Business Review

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